Week 1, 2, and 3 post redos

Week 1 redo. This week i will be doing a report on litter. litter really makes things bad for not only us but for animals. animals can get trapped and die in some of are trash that we throw out with out a care. We need to stop doing this and start to clean up and take care of what we have strated and need to fix it with cleaing it up.

Week 2 redo. To clean it up i think we could clean up things we see around on the streets and in the grass and highways and i this this would be a great way to save animals lives. if we have people such as inmates help or even compltyly clean up the trash instead of lifting weights and that type of thing they could really help out the coumuity.

Week 3 post. we could start by cleaing up litter in all of are parts of town on highways and such. thiis could really help use keep it down and help people live better and the animals live better too. I cannot post any pictures on here for somereason so i will send them to you ms. salazar

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